In this video, Re-Gen Founder Rory Spowers unpacks some of the key concepts and terms within the global ideological crisis, highlighting the hallmarks of genuine systems change and the qualities that would underpin a truly regenerative culture and society. This video, along with the essay Is the Virus our Vaccine, is intended to provide the important conceptual preparation and groundwork for the unfolding journey ahead –  and both can be referred back to any stage in the journey for deeper clarification about some of these important key terms and ideas.

‘The optimist waits for the wind to change. The pessimist says it won’t. Meanwhile, the realist sets the sails.’ In this short video, ReGen Founder Rory Spowers suggests that we all fall into one of these three categories – and may often find ourselves shifting from one to another. Maybe our collective future now depends on the speed at which a critical mass of humanity can now shift out of a recursive loop – between being pessimists or optimists – and start being the realists we now need to set the sails towards a regenerative future?

In this short 13 min video, Rory tries to unpack what he sees as one of the major limitations within the collective world-view we need to transcend, if a regenerative future is to be possible – namely, exposing the incessant drive to try and recorrect complex biological problems with simple ‘downstream’ synthetic solutions.

Rory suggests that this is based upon the limitations and erroneous assumptions that our prevailing scientific world-view has made about living biological processes.

And this can be applied at all levels of the system, from the topsoil  and human health, to the biosphere itself.

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The scientific consensus suggests that we have at most the span of one generation, from 2020 to 2050, to mass mobilise as a species and actively implement ‘regenerative systems solutions’, if we are to have any chance of preserving some semblance of a habitable planet for the future.

The first single-celled bacteria on Earth virtually wiped each other out due to hostile competition over limited resources and thus nearly destroyed life on the planet.

Then, at the eleventh hour, something extraordinary happened.

They learned to co-operate with each other and share resources, creating ‘complex co-operative communities’, kick-starting multi-cellular life as we now know it – in a relative blink of evolutionary time.

Now the time has come for humanity to do the same.

This is The Great Work that is upon us as a species. It will require nothing less to save the planet for future generations. And we are the generation on which this depends. Read more…

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Are you ready to join The Re-Generation?

Is the Virus our Vaccine?

Listen to the 90 min audio recording by Rory Spowers

The Re-Generation

Please visit our Media page to view videos of The Re-Generation launch at Port Eliot festival in late July 2019, with Russell Brand, Bruce Parry, Jojo Mehta, Amanda Feilding, Shane Mauss and others, plus any other recent events.

Russell Brand in conversation with The Re-Generation founder Rory Spowers at Port Eliot Festival

The Regeneration founder Rory Spowers in discussion about ‘systems change’ with Ross Ashcroft from Renegade Inc.

Richard St Barbe Baker

“This generation may either be the last to exist in any semblance of a civilized world or it will be the first to have the vision, the bearing and the greatness to say, ‘I will have nothing to do with this destruction of life, I will play no part in this devastation of the land, I am determined to live and work for peaceful construction for I am morally responsible for the world of today and the generations of tomorrow’.”