Bruce Parry’s talk, Tribal Insights – Egalitarianism and Peaceful Revolution, was a highlight of The Regeneration launch programme at Port Eliot festival

Regeneration Founder Rory Spowers talks to explorer Bruce Parry about how his insights from tribal societies might help us regenerate our own sense of community, connection and belonging.

Despite our ever increasing digital communications, on many levels humanity appears to be feeling more atomised and separated then ever before.

In addition to biodiversity loss through monoculture farming methods, we are witnessing cultural diversity loss through increasing cultural homogenisation, with nationalistic political tendencies erupting alongside.

How do we shift our sense of community to be inclusive of all races and religions, while still preserving and celebrating our cultural differences and traditions?

How do we become members of the wider Earth Community, while still feeling connected to our roots?

What are the role models for successful communities and how can we embrace those principles within our modern lives?

We will seek to learn from exemplars such as the Transition Towns movement and founder Rob Hopkins, who catalysed a global movement for communities preparing for peak oil and systems change.

The Re-Generation will start to examine these big questions with the help of commentators such as explorer Bruce Parry of BBC Tribe fame, asking what we can learn from successful indigenous tribal societies, which have not evolved into despotic hierarchies, but learned to live sustainably with each other and their bio-regions.  

The Re-Generation founder Rory Spowers talked with Bruce Parry about Regenerating Community at Port Eliot Festival launch of The Re-Generation, 25 to 28 July 2019.

EF Schumacher

Modern man talks of a battle with Nature, forgetting that if he won the battle, he would find himself on the losing side.

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