Nature is regenerative and cyclical by design.

But modern humanity has stepped outside the system, becoming the first and only species to create linear systems and thereby generate waste.

Climate change, caused by human interference in the carbon cycle, being the most potentially catastrophic example.

The logical way for mankind to step back inside the system, is for all human systems to become regenerative and cyclical by design, eliminating the concept of waste entirely.

Around the globe, cutting edge pioneers are showing that our industrial and design processes, our sciences and use of technologies, our economics, education, healthcare, food and farming systems – even our understanding of our place in relation to nature, the universe and consciousness itself – can be informed and inspired by the natural intelligence of living systems.

These people and projects highlight the extent to which the role models for all of these potential ‘system shifts’ are observable in nature, within the reciprocal flows, interconnections and feedback loops that give rise to self-regulation and self-organization within ecosystems and the biological systems that support life.

If we are to preserve a habitable biosphere for future generations, then surely the time has come for us to apply that thinking to those human institutions, processes and designs that are inherently linear and therefore, by definition, out of step with natural systems and nature itself?

It seems that ‘building the new model’ has now become a necessity, not only for our own survival, but for much of life on earth.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Are you ready to join The Re-Generation?