There is an inherent energy in our increasingly digital world, intent on subsuming complex, analogue, biological systems, into binary computer code.

The dangers of this are inestimable and we will start with an exploration into the cult of ‘Scientism’ and our relationship to technology.

Which technologies can be regarded as just being ‘clever’, as opposed to being ‘wise and intelligent’?

How can we withdraw our compliance from the dehumanising and polarising trends being promulgated by the big tech platforms?

Can we use alternative platforms to engage with the digital space?

At the same time, algorithmically weaponized and politicized ‘psy-op’ campaigns, combined with multiple other agendas, have created a media landscape where we have lost sight of who or what to believe.

How do find our way towards the truth and trust our sources of information?

Who is ‘fact-checking’ the ‘fact-checkers’?

At what point do we decouple the word ‘theory’ from the word ‘conspiracy’?

Which scientific papers and, as a result, wider societal assumptions, are compromised by corporate and political interests?

How do we minimise pollution of the information ecology ourselves and use wisdom and discernment around the information we share?

What role can art and artists, writers, musicians and other ‘cultural creatives’, play within a truly regenerative culture?