The concept of health freedom and sovereingnty is perhaps the most immediate problem we face as a species.

But who and what are we to believe?

And what choices do we make for our own health and for our loved ones?

And will look at the possiblities for:

  • Preventative ‘upstream’ healthcare
  • Biological and functional medicine
  • Technologies like Bioresonance and Darkfield Microscopy for diagnosis
  • Psychedelic medicines for addiction, mental health and encouraging ‘biofilia’, that innate sense of being connnected to nature, which so many appear to have lost and which we so urgently need to regain

We will also explore the emerging new paradigm in our understanding of health, which is redefining our understanding of the human body, such as :

  • Epigenetics and neuroplasticity
  • Gut health, the ‘microbiome’ and the mental health epidemic
  • New insights into virology, the ‘virome’ and the notion of contagion.

How can we take responsibility for our own health and reduce our dependence on mainstream healthcare as much as possible?

How can we best protect ourselves from ‘electro-smog’ created by EMFs?

What are the essential supplements and dietary additions that we need to be aware of?