Food and water security are clearly of primary importance.

In the wake of systemic fragilities revealed by the Covid-19 crisis – and cascade effects as yet unseen – what actions can we take to boost local food and water security?

After establishing the correlation between healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people and a healthy society and biosphere, we will look at areas where we can all play a part, including:

  •  Topsoil regeneration and domestic/community composting
  •  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) schemes
  •  Bio-diverse regenerative agricultural techniques
  •  Domestic and municipal rainwater harvesting potential
  •  Marine permaculture and seaweed farming
  •  Foraging and fermentation

With increasingly disturbed seasonal rainfall patterns, we will also look at possibilities for:

  • ‘Vertically-integrated indoor farming’
  •  Hydroponics, poly-tunnels and greenhouse-growing
  •  Domestic possibilities for cultivating edible/medicinal mushrooms, micro-greens and other ‘super-foods’ to supplement our nutritional self-reliance